Altar is an industry-leading company offering 360-degree services in the fields of national and international defence and security. The partner of choice for governments, private institutions, and the Armed Forces, Altar’s innovative services and solutions include the domains of strategy, consulting, and last-generation products. Each member of the experienced professional team has over ten years of experience in the defense sector, and they now work to solve the most demanding security challenges for Altar’s clients. 


Altar strives to provide fully-integrated protection and defence solutions for public and private clients. Their work is oriented towards strengthening global security and protecting people, territories, and infrastructures. Their services cover every possible operating scenario across air, land, and sea. Furthermore, to ensure that clients obtain the most value from their systems, Altar provides support and training services, as well as offering project management.





Altar is a company built on the foundations of trust, integrity, responsibility, and transparency. Our commitment to ethical practice is unwavering, and governs everything that we do. Respect for our clients, community, and the rule of law is central to our practice. We strive to make the world a better, safer place for the next generation. 






Altar is guided by a vision to offer exceptionable security and peace-of-mind to its clients, as well as to play a role in building a safer and more prosperous world for everyone. Altar is working towards a world in which conflict and terror becomes a thing of the past, thanks to technology and integrated solutions developed by experienced, forward-thinking professionals. Innovation is vitally important for Altar, as is the belief that success is driven by continuous collaboration with specialists and experts.