The breadth of services which altar offers is extensive, and the company takes pride in delivering excellence across all fields of its operations. Before starting to work with any client, Altar will evaluate their specific needs and advise on which service would be most appropriate.



Having worked in the defence industry for a significant period of time, Altar has a very good understanding of the products on offer within the field. The products which Altar recommends to its clients are those from companies with which we have previously worked with and have a strong relationship with. These important links allow us to guarantee the quality of our products. At the same time, we are always looking for new materials and developing multifunctional solutions at the best possible price points. 





 Our expert consulting offering is divided into two branches: Operation Support: we follow, detailing the pros and cons of each option, and making the customer aware of the need to achieve the set goal. Secondly, Operation Management: we take total control of a specific operation. The client is not required tc take any action, as the activity will be defined and carried out by our team until the goal is reached (please note that not all operations cian be performed in this mode). Our team will help you decide which branch is most suitable for you.





We offer a fully developed Advanced Integrated Training program with an extensive syllabus which has been proven to ensure success. We have training spaces which are ideal for every scenario and need, and owing to our own extensive experience and knowledge in the field of defence, we have the capacity to train others to achieve excellence.